WP install - Add Media / Featured Image not working

Hi users,
This morning the ‘Add Media’ and ‘Add Featured Image’ link/button in post/page creations has stopped functioning.

Domain: www.scribblegraph.me

I’ve had a read through various ‘fixes’ // clear cache & cookies, disable plug-ins - no success.

All other elements of the WP install seem to be functioning.

Thanks for any advice or help you can give!

Try putting this in your wp-config.php (above ‘stop editing here’)

Ipstenu · Like magic! Thank you kindly:)

What would have caused that to ‘suddenly’ stop working, do you think?

There’s a ‘bug’ in Google PageSpeed that causes it to compress and break your javascript. We’re working on a fix so you don’t have to do that, but in the meantime, while our engineers are having a battle royale with Google about this, we use the concatenate fix to get you guys up and running ASAP :slight_smile:

…And this is why you guys are second to none at what you do:)

I think I’ve read in another thread (same issue) that this fix will break functionality when the pageSpeed issue is resolved - correct? We’ll need to remove it later?

Leaving CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS turned off shouldn’t break anything; it’ll just make WordPress load slightly slower than it could otherwise.

Andrew’s 100% right :slight_smile: It won’t break a thing.