WP help, please


[size=medium]I’m moving from MobileMe. What is the advantage of placing WP into the equation? Why not just set up everything here?[/size]


WordPress does get set up here as a One-Click installation. Which feature of MobileMe are you trying to replicate?


Not trying to replicate any of MM’s features, sdayman. I’m just going to move to new digs, as they’re shutting it down. And I’ve seen on several forums that people build in WP and transfer build the to a host.

I’m wondering what are the advantages of the WP approach, opposed to me just building my site in RapidWeaver and uploading it directly to DreamHost.



Well it all goes to ease of use really. IMO it is much better to use some sort of content management system to power your website vs building static pages. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel. If you plan on having dynamic content go with a cms like wordpress instead of rolling your own. Its a better use of your time and resources.


I’m not sure what you are wanting to do. Mobileme’s functionality is email and keeping an iPhone synched. I see Apple is no longer accepting new subscriptions however, and sun-setting current use as of June 30, 2012. A year from now. Apple did announce iCloud coming in September which appears to be replacing mobileme.

Now why did I say all that? Because Dreamhost is not really a replacement for mobileme. You will not get things like hot synching of your calender and contacts. That can be done outside of mobileme, but i suspect iCloud will also handle it.

now that said, enjoy your Dreamhost account and Wordpress, but comparing mobileme and wordpress on dreamhost is like comparing… well APPLES to ORANGES.