WP Feeds have no entries since upgrading!



I upgraded to WP 2.5.1 using the easy updater on saturday, and I just realized that since then, my feeds have no entries at all:


I didn’t make any other changes.

It doesn’t appear to be a permissions problem as the channel description is created in the XML, but there are no entries.

What should I do next?


It seems that others have had a similar issue, and have been able to repair it:


I’ve not had the problem, or tested this myself, but I thought I’d pass along that link.



I disabled all things feedburner related, and still the problem persists. How perplexing.


This is, in fact, consistent with the experience of the other user in the thread I linked you to earlier. Not that he said:

“At first I suspected the FeedBurner plugin was the culprit, but even with deactivating it, I still get empty feeds.”

Fortunately, he goes on to say:

“Ok, after restoring my old DB and running the upgrade a second time it seemed to work…For some reason the old feed URL is still not working but a new feed URL turned up with the FB plugin deactivated.”



I really need a non-destructive option. This problem impacts a few of the other blogs I manage which have dramatically higher posting and comment rates.

I wonder if there’s anyway to repair the database myself…


I’m not sure I understand the “non destructive” part … updating the database a second time should not be destructive (particularly if you safeguard against any data corruption by first backing up your database so you can reload it if something should go amiss).

I think the WordPress forums may be a better place to go to follow through on this issue, as there are others there that are having similar problems. Of course, I’m willing to discuss it with you here too - I just think you’ll find more relevant input there. :wink: