WP - Error Establishing Database Connection



Infamous database connection. I’ve already taken a look at the wp-config file to make sure all of the information lines up - Thought it might have to do with yesterday’s LA Datacenter outage but still having problems. Reset and updated with new password and even added new user via mysql but neither have done the trick.

URL: http://www.townfo.lk/blawg/

Please help! Thanks!


There was a misconfiguration with the user permissions on your MySQL server, which I’ve just corrected. Sorry about that! Please feel free to reach support directly in the future if it seems to be something on our end. http://bit.ly/2lwt5e :slight_smile:


Great! Thank you! It seems I’m now able to log back in but any other page excluding the home page seems to be missing? Here is an example of a blog post:


Furthermore, It seems I cannot publish new content without receiving the same error? Thanks again for your quick response!
I’ve just sent this via email directly to customer support. Awaiting response…Thanks!
Solved! Just had to reset permalinks settings in wordpress…simple enough!