WP directories

I am new to Dreamhost/WP. When looking at the directories for my website in FTP I do not see Wordpress or the directories where the pages, etc. are stored. My login should have access to everything and the site works fine. Any suggestions where I can find those files?

If you did the Easy One-Click install, they are on a secure server. You’d need to do the Advanced One-Click for it to install into your home directory.


Someone else who was previously responsible for our site did the install so I am not sure how they did it although I do see wp- directories in our home directory. Is there any way to be sure about the method of installation … easy or advanced?

In the directories I do see I do not see any pages or files with change dates consistent with the last time I changed them. Do you know the directory name?

If you see a stack of php files and a few directories prefixed with wp- in your domain.com directory then it’s either an Advanced One-Click or a manual installation. The timestamps won’t change unless you physically alter the files. Creating posts and pages within WP admin alters the data in the database, not the core files on the server.

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