Wp Database Restore


I used to run a blog in my friend’s Server(Dreamhost). i want to migrate it to my own server so asked him to send me a database backup. i have also taken the backup of my templates.

In my DH panel, i used one click install for Wordpress and Installed it. After that i run the wordpress setup by accessing the url and then created a admin account.
Now i am heading to the wordpress Db Restore, by loging to phpmyadmin of my DH server and i located the Db of my blog. With the help of Import tool of the phpmyadmin i imported the .sql file of my blog db.

After updation of the database i accessed the wordpress and i still see the hello world post. Did i mess up with something. In my phpmyadmin, i am able to browse to my updated database and all my previous posts and comments.

Ps. The Hostname and Db of my Database backup is different. i believe it has nothing to do.

After the database restore do i have to ping wp for anything ?

Any help would be appreciated.


You most likely need to update the Table Prefix that your WP installation uses. Browse your database and look for a random string prepended to the table names. You’ll need to edit your wp-config.php to update $table_prefix.

Doesn’t wordpress have an export and import database function now?