Wp-cron.php 503 error

I am using ALO Easymail Newsletter plugin and I haven’t been able to successfully send a batch of emails for the past two weeks. The plugin is telling me that my wp-cron.php file is sending a 503 error. I have tried some troubleshooting things and am under the assumption that something is blocking the file.

Here is the detailed message: WP-Cron is not working properly: wp-cron.php is returning a 503: Service Unavailable response which could mean cron jobs aren’t getting fired properly.
The file seems to be not accessible: is your blog behind some kind of authentication, maintenance plugin, .htpasswd protection?

Has anybody had this issue before and know of a fix? Thanks!

Did it ever work for you? Are you trying to fix something that worked and stopped working? or trying to get it to work first time?

perhaps the plugin has been blocked? Is it compliant with the dreamhost TOS and specifically the anti-spam policy? http://www.dreamhost.com/anti-spam-policy/

This plugin has been working for almost a year now. It just stopped working a few weeks ago. I have contacted the developer and they think it is a server-side issue.

If you can, in the browser, get to yourdomain.info/wordpress/wp-cron.php and it loads a blank page, then WP cron is working and it’s not blocked by us… but … if you’re talking about the site you have which ends with .info it’s not hosted here.

What domain is this about?

The domain is for a website I manage for a client. It is lmhsa.com. I tried accessing the wp-cron.php in my browser and it does display a blank page.

Do you have any idea why it is giving a 503 error? Thanks!

It looks like the issue fixed itself. All of my cron prcoesses are currently being fired. Weird…

Hello, does it mean that anybody including bots can run the cronjob by visiting wp-cron.php ?

Thank you.