Wp-config.php for my WP

I try to write the right wp-config.php for my WP, since I had to move it.
I am able to access my files with my ftp server, but somehow while putting in that info into the WP connection details, it does not accept it.

On my Dreamhost account, I am confused about how many different databases I apparently have. I only have two ftp access to two sites. But I can’t seem to find the one I actually have the files at.

Can anybody please explain?

I guess I have to re-frame my question: I do get an error message trying to access my site. www.heebphoto.com
Error message:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/heebphoto/heebphoto.com/wp-config.php on line 101

So where exactly should I have my WP files? I have them in the main folder at www.heebphoto.com
I am thank full for any suggestions, since my website is no offline.

Everything looks fine to me but your install has not been completed. I got the page to add the admin information. Did you get that error after you had tried inputting it? I don’t really know where you could have gone wrong. You uploaded the files and it should have just been a matter of putting your mysql databasename, hostname, database username and password in wp-config and running the installer. If you can’t get it to install manually you might as well delete everything and use the one-click installer. Be sure to click on custom installation instead of simple and don’t type anything after the / so it goes to the main directory instead of a sub-directory. That’s about the only advice I can give you.

I am not sure if we are talking about the same issue. I had the wordpress site already on a subdomain. test.ccophoto.com on dreamhost. With lots of pages etc. I had the site ready to move today…
A support guy helped to move them to my www.heebphoto.com domain, which I am moving from another hosting.
So I don’t really want to use the panel you are showing me. It looks like I am doing a new install of wordpress.org. I am afraid to lose all the files I have already prepared.
My problemmight be that I did not know my database, user name and password. Or at leased it could not connect to it. I do have to ftp names to upload the files. I have one for www.heebphoto.com. But I can’t even see that on my panel. I see lots of databases, but not the right one.

Hmm well everything seems to be working on there now other than your home link at the top is still referencing the test site. For future reference you can always look at your database stuff by opening wp-config.php in a text editor.

well, but how would I change that? And the funny thing is, from another PC going to heebphoto.com brings up this :
A username and password are being requested by http://www.test.ccophoto.com. The site says: “Members Area”

You don’t have an ftp program like filezilla or fireftp? You can log into the DH control panel and use the web ftp thing. You would see the link by going to manage domains. Basically you just download the file to your computer and look at it in notepad if you have nothing else. I saw that username and password request bit too. It was probably something placed into your .htaccess file so you would need to remove it. I assumed you had it on your test site so people couldn’t just look at it before you were finished configuring what you wanted.