WP admin site is blank after upgrade

After upgrading to latest version of WP my admin site/panel is blank/not possible to log in. What has happened, and how can I get the admin panel back?

This problem is caused when the plugins are not installed properly.Try to deactivate the plugins and see, whether you can see the admin panel. Also, check your key files(wp-config.php, .htaccesss). Check the wp-config.php file and make sure that there is no empty lines or the characters after “?>”. If you have .htaccess in your wordpress folder rename it, and see if it rectifies the blank page issue.

Ok - thanks! I am completely blank to wp-config.php file… I cannot log in - all is blank, so I cannot deactivate any plugins…

The wp-admin page loads on both of your sites for me.

Were you not able to even see the login form, or does it white out after logging in?

Hi! I had someone to help me with FTP wp-config.php, (since I was so desperate… clients complaining and all that) and we have deactivated all plugins. That solved it all. I will search now for the plugin that caused problem with the upgrade - and share the findings, if any. Could be useful for others. Anyway - thanks for checking and coming back to me!

Glad you’re back up!