WP-Admin Dashboard Access in Dream host


I have a site up and running in wordpress.com, I have the domain purchased and it is running. I wanted to move to Dreamhost as a self-hosted site.

For instance my site is www.abc.com and I had registered with Dreamhost for the same site to self-host. I got the id and all other stuffs created.

While wordpress is installed in the Dreamhost, a plain vanilla version, and I got a mail with details to login. but that login goes to Wordpress rather to Dreamhost. I have few clarifications.

  1. How to I access the freshly installed Wordpress page in Dreamhost?
  2. Do I need to make any changes to any file or so?
  3. How do I access the WP-admin Dashboard in Dreamhost, without which I wont be able to migrate my data from wordpress.

Somebody pls. tell me how to go about a fresh installation or get access to the WP-admin page in Dreamhost for my site.

What do you mean by “that login goes to Wordpress rather to Dreamhost”?

Here where to start reading: https://help.dreamhost.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000267891-Viewing-your-site-before-pointing-DNS-to-DreamHost-overview

Hint: with wordpress DON’T use the dreamhosters.com sub-domain method. DO USE the hosts file method. A third method not linked from here is to set your local computer (or possibly local router) to use Dreamhost DNS servers rather the those provided by your local isp or that you may have pointed to google.

Dreamhoster.com method will work, but there are many more steps to bringing the site live, including a manual database update. Modifying your local computers HOSTS file is the SIMPLEST method before a DNS change. Just be sure to eventually remove the entry from your hosts file when the DNS is permanently changed (or at sometime in the future–possibly years later–it will come back to bite you in the rear-end when suddenly you are the only one that can’t reach your own site).

Thanks for the reply. I mean, the link provided in mail, which I received post installation of the wordpress, directs to Wordpress rather than Dreamhost.

Thanks a lot for the response. Will give a try… the reference link was useful as well.