WP 4.7.1 and sudden image size limit of 1MB?




I upgraded to 4.7.1 and now I am not allowed to upload imaged more than 1MB, when I have routinely used images between 1 and 2 MB, as recent as last week.

I just want to check to see if this could have anything to do with Dreamhost or my specific account - or if this is related to the WordPress upgrade, as I suspect.

WordPress USED to have a command under Settings/Media where the user could select a size limit for image files. That is no longer there and I have no idea when it went away.

I just know that on Friday I was posting photos over 2MB and now WP uploaders are saying I can only upload photos 1MB or smaller.

please advise, thanks


That definitely sounds weird. Upload limit defaults to 64MB with PHP memory at 90MB, if I remember correctly and DreamHost wouldn’t modify your account. My gut reaction is to turn off plugins and see if the issue persists: there could be a plugin that’s not playing well with the latest wp version. If that’s not it, have a look at .htaccess and/or custom php.ini if you have any, see if there is anything strange. Report here what you find, keep us posted.