WP 1-click install - No way to set up admin password

Installed WP via 1-click and waited for email instructions. The email directed me to set up admin credentials via the link provided. When I click on the link, it takes me to my domain name.com and the site does not offer an option to set up anything. The site just says “my domain.com.” Not sure what to do next???

What do you see specifically?

My first guess is that you could be in a wait for DNS propagation, and just waiting that out will solve your problem. People who come to the forum usually say emailed link is broken and that the are getting a “Page not found” error. In any case, DNS changes are not immediate. Usually they happen in about 4 hours but might take a little longer. The one click itself doesn’t make a DNS change, but you likely did right before by adding hosting to the domain via the panel.

If you give us the domain name we can probably be more helpful.

I waited some time and it looks like the problem worked itself out! Thanks for the reply.

Dreamhost should warn about that issue in the email with the link. There’s nothing wrong at all, just a DNS propagation delay, but to new people it seems more broken.