Wow... really great service

Hello all,

i do not want to ask something, but 5 Minutes ago something happend and this really surprised me.

I contacted the technical support and asked them so disable mod_gzip for my domain. And guess what!

The needed exactly 7 minutes and 20 seconds to disable it and sending the reply.

Dont know if thats normal at DH. But I know exactly, that this is not normal for all other Hosters I have been before.

Anyway… thanks a lot for the excellent support.

Best wishes

How quick they are can depend on how difficult the problem is and how busy they are at the time–but any response time that measured in minutes (rather than hours or days) is pretty good, even when it’s a simple request.

I’ve had many requests answered right away and very few that ever took up to the 24 hour mark. I think the thing that helps is to be as specific as you can and include as much info as possible. That way, you don’t have to go back and forth as much.

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I agree. I have had some great support and at times some bad support. Weekends seem to be a little worse as it seems you can get some much less technical people.

Happy to see you’re having a good experience and welcome to DH!

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One more thing for this service :

I’m able to restore my DB backup from the panel. It really relieves me much. :slight_smile:

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