Wow. Lots of bad comments

I’ve wanted to be a customer with Dreamhost for a VERY very long time. Here I find all these negative comments. Has it really gone so sour? Someone change my mind!!

No, it really hasn’t gone sour, not in my view. There has been a lot of bad comments recently because DH was attacked (Denial of Service) and that caused some outage. There have also been questions about the reply-speed on their support, but other than that, Dreamhost seems to be popular enough. Personally, I have NO plans of moving away, Dreamhost is way better than any of my previous hosters.


Like I said in a previous post, these attacks are only an issue with Dreamhost because they offer substandard protection against such attacks. Ask any real web hosting company and they will tell you the same thing. Eventually you will become frustrated by the fact that these people don’t have a clue how to operate thier own servers and end up leaving them as well. Why do you think they have a special 19.95 sale? To intise new people to come on board. If they were doing well they wouldn’t have to offer any discounts. Besides they are screwing current members by offering the same package to new users for $20 less than they offer to current users. Avoid this company at all costs.
The graphics on this forum do not even work, what does that say for this company? THEY DON’T CARE!

Well, I’ve been here for just over one year and I don’t intend to leave. The recent outage has been the only major issue I experienced. On the other side, Dreamhost have upgraded my account for free twice in that year, and I’m getting a little money back every month due to the referral system.

I’ve been with three other hosting companies before. All of them were in the very-low-cost range with no phone support either (well, there was a “hotline”, but you had to pay for it!), so I’ve never missed that here. I’ve only had to file two support requests so far and both were answered in a couple of hours. I hear some other companies are faster, but then both were just very low priority requests, so I can’t really compare.

What’s radically different here than at my previous hosts is that 1. people actually seem to know what they’re talking about and don’t treat you like you just saw a computer for the first time, and 2. if something goes wrong, they’re honest about it and admit their mistake instead of blaming it on you.

As for the actual site performance, I have no complaints. Databases seem to be a little slower at times than at some other sites, but not by a lot. I also enjoy the freedom I have here that I didn’t have at the other hosts, such as accessing my site via SSH, running cron jobs, installing my own copy of SpamAssassin and such things. I’ve learnt a thing or two being hosted here that way :slight_smile:

Well, that’s just my experience and my two pence. Hope it helps.

You sound furious. Let’s keep discussion on a decent level, shall we. I don’t see it the way you do; I feel that Dreamhost is doing a good job. Let’s hear some actual facts for the criticism you are giving.


Furious…? I do not see that at all in that post. You must have been reading my most recent e-mail to tech support.
Like I said, Tech support page said that they always respond with-in 24 hours. They never do that. In fact that is the reason why they removed that piece of information from that page. I would have to wait over day or 2 to hear anything from them in regards to my site outage. When you are hosting a business from a site that time is unacceptable. People want answers; Dreamhost gives them at their convenience not the customers. They normally wait until after the problem has resolved itself and make claims like…”Everything works on our end”. Sure it works now, but it didn’t for 5 hours when I contacted you yesterday. I been with this company for 7 ½ months and never would have become this angry if I wasn’t driven to it. I’m not mad anymore, just gonna spread the word. This is the only company that MAKES YOU WAIT hours to set up databases, e-mail and other simply functions that other providers do in minutes. Laziness = poor support as well.

You know, the support page actually states “We strive to answer all emails within 24 hours” and you can see for yourself that they currently have 263 support tickets open. Two of them are mine. It’s easy to figure out that they can’t handle these in 24 hours. Of course they prioritize the tasks according to importance and it goes without saying that (alleged) site outage ranks high(est). In order to prioritize, DH must scan the incoming requests before the less urgent ones are pushed aside, so it’s not like your outage message will have to wait for 263 other issues before even being seen.

Be reasonable. I frankly don’t believe that they just say it’s working now and leave it at that. Current availability is important so it’s relevant to state it, and I’m thinking that they knew it was down while it was – that’s why it’s up now.

In my experience (going on 7+ years now) DH is not at all slow. I’d much rather have had their web panel all along than having to call support staff on the phone in their business hours and personally request each such change. The web panel automates that and lets you do the stuff on your own time. That has one important consequence: planning, thinking ahead.

This is not laziness on their part, it’s applying the good old “work smarter not harder”. Think about it: if you didn’t have the web panel, the DH staff would be tied up with immediate on-the-phone requests and wouldn’t get a chance to prioritize your outage issue higher because other people keep calling in to create silly e-mail aliases while your site is down. It seems to me that a web panel lets DH deal with the urgent and important manual tasks and giving the users the ability to do the routine tasks themselves.

So you’re not angry, but you’ve still threatened the DH staff (twice) with physical abuse. You must be the devil when you’re upset then.


[quote]Besides they are screwing current members by offering the same package to new users for $20 less than they offer to current users.
What on earth are you talking about? If you’re referring to the current Code Monster promotion, the $19.95/month pricing is available to existing as well as new customers. The DreamHost Web site makes this perfectly clear.

Making baseless accusations like this just erodes your credibility.

I been with a few hosting companies and unless you are paying big $$$ the majority of them have moved away from offering phone support (unless you pay for it)… Maybe DH could offer such a concept as an “add on” to accounts…

I was with a fairly large provider (50,000++) customer base and it got so bad that a 90% uptime for a month was a good month… Yes they had some upstream problems but the biggest issue I found with dealing with this “big company” is simply they did not care, the entire purpose of the helpdesk seem to be answer with yes that is a problem with xyz then CLOSE your issue which basically meant everytime you went back you had to reopen the issue all over again.

Yes DH dropped the ball with the downtime and yes they have some nagging issues but the value for money hosting is getting hard to find… It seems the bigger the hosting firm the smaller the hosting allowances for big $$$.

DH Staff have always been open and the majority of most cases very helpful. DH have demonstrated that they learn from mistakes and also open and upfront and to me those kind of qualities keep me Loyal rather than 99.999% uptime and just being a number.

Re support times. I think these are fine. I have had (one) hard problem take over 24 hours to fix but that was a small bug and they needed to code a fix (and check the code of course) Last week I emailed them to get the transfer code needed to move a .org domain. I had the code in under 2 hours.

Re downtime. Yup Dreamhost have had some problems in the last 6 weeks. My biggest problem is that they could not tell us what was going on. After the Dos attack I (and probably others) emailed them and said fix this or I will leave. There is now hosted off their network.

Finally I think everyone needs to have a good look at just what dreamhost provide. At the moment there are 100’s of companies that provide 400+ meg and 20+gig at month for about US$10. What sets dreamhost apart?

15 server users. Other hosts have 1.

Freedom with scripts (unles they eat the CPU)

Freedom to host what you want. Have a good look at most of hosting companies. Most are no adult content. WTF is that. If I am paying for 20gig a month and I want to post nude pics I should be able to. If it’s legal dreamhost will host it.

Data transfer limit that you can use. My partner runs a sex news site/blog. She used to host it elsewhere but when she used 1gig per day for 2 weeks (but was still within her monthly account limit) her host emailed her and said she had to cut down. Now yes her usual traffic is about 100meg a day but when her site spikes at Dreamhost they have never complained.

This forum. Do any other hosts offer a public forum where you can post about the company?

Unlimited MYSQL databases. Some other hosts offer 1.

Unlimited Domain Forwarding & Mirroring. Not a big deal for most but I mirror a couple of domains. Some other hosts charge you for that.

WebDav & Jabber. I don’t know of any other host offering that.

Overall Dreamhost is still well out in front feature wise. From the staff posts here and elsewhere I am sure they are working hard to prevent the downtime problems from happening again.

Really…? why was I paying full price then. I guess like their service they would have eventually gotten around to it when they feel like it. Enough with the credibility statements. I didn’t come on this forum and post like a senseless child and call people names and use bad words. I came on this forum to detail my expiereince with Dreamhost to let potential members know that this can happen to you. As I have always said, I have been with several different hosting compaines over the years and Dreamhost had the best features (until now), but the owrst support. You can give people free web space with great features, but if you do not support it properly it will not be utilized at all.

I don’t know where you heard that hosting companies are moving away from phone support, but this is not true. Every new company I contacted has 24/7 phone tech support, or an actual working live chat interface and a forum that actually has tech support that respond to member issues.
Dreamhost either does not want or cannot afford to offer this service. But what ever the reason is…the current setup is weak at best

Hopefully Dreamhost will learn from this recent migration away from them and the members that stay will benefit from them growing and adapting to current market standards. Service is everything.

Existing accounts weren’t automatically switched to the sale (I believe there’s a small difference between the previous Code Monster and the version on sale - can’t remember now, but I think it originally came with a unique IP and now doesn’t). You would have had to switch to the plan on sale in the control panel.

Threatening physical violence against another human being because of INTERNET HOSTING isn’t childish? You lost all credibility when you resorted to your histrionics… trying to poo poo it now doesn’t change the fact that you really undermined any legitimate argument you may have had.

In reference to the original post, the testament about Dreamhost’s quality should be the the very existence of this forum. DH has enough faith in itself that its created a place customers and non-customers alike can talk about services and bounce things off one another. Critics are not censored and employees don’t hide when there is criticism. The very fact that there are people who will jump up and defend Dreamhost speaks loads of the sort of loyalty it has earned.

Mhhh, lets see, a (quick) analysis reveals that you are not happy with things… right?
There is a reason why you took the time to post and start arguments on a public forum, so my question is, why do you make it difficult for yourself by arguing about your perception of how DH is doing business?
Do you have knowledge about how they technically setup things? Or have any clue how they customized things arround?
Having to wait is actually a sign of distributed (modular) automation, where everything isn’t on the same box as most providers do, instead each box function gets dedicated to do certain tasks, and with very good reasons to do so, but thats going beyond scope here.
By your very unique perception, you concluded something without knowing anything about DH backbone taking care of the methods that you would like to have instantly, thats because they distributed/customized things arround a little bit smarter (and lighter) than going with resource hogs like say… cpanel or plesk, which do indeed create DB’s instantly but have by no means the features DH offers. This approach is very flexible, because it allows you to implement idle/commit features (when the box is occupied it waits before committing any other stressful tasks dragging things down even more)
Before trying to conclude anything, ask questions before making up your mind based on perception only, thats just a little bit too easy. (lets be honest, anyone can do that)
Regarding downtime, if you run a business with your site and require 99.9% uptime, then you should foresee downtime on your primary host, choose a cheap secondary provider and replicate your site(s) combined with a failover dns service and things will automatically switch over keeping downtime minimal.
And whats this ‘spreading the word’, is it really that bad? Just pause and think about it for a minute or two, what are we talking about here, is it because you’re not getting a ‘quick fix’ to any issues you have? Sorry, but a reality check might be in order, just something to consider.
As you claim, ‘other’ providers have all the features you would like to see at DH, then my question is, why did you even sign up with them? all features are detailed, it was your call bud, so please, be reasonable.
If I would be unhappy like this, I would voice it to DH and explain to them what is going on in a constructive way, you either compromise or leave at that point, plain and simple. Don’t try to voice your subjective opinion publicly, since as you saw yourself, everyone has a different one which is begging for arguments where none should be.
And support, heh, a very very grey area there, some consider support a reply to a mail within a well defined window of time, others define it as “I have problem A and B, you solve it within this amount of time”, everything is possible, but the later requires an SLA costing a multitude of the product before they’ll even start thinking about the problem you stated.
As a final note, if DH is doing such a horrible job, how come they’re still in business? obviously something isn’t adding up there or your logic is flawed, I suggest you review your code :wink:

I like how people always make these blanket statements like they know everything that goes on behind the scenes at DH. One thing is fairly obvious from the staff’s comments here and in emails, they are dedicated to what they are doing. I’ve been with a few hosts before where I paid the same for less space, less bandwith, and tech support that took a week to reply with a vague answer. No other host I have used compares to DH on any level, be it value or service. They upgraded everyone’s account for free earlier this year, I didn’t even expect them to do that. When other hosts I have been with have had DDOS attacks, they just don’t bother telling anyone. DH made it clear that they had some flaws on their side and they made clear what their solutions to the problems would be. I myself have nothing to complain about.

I’ve got to agree with Inhiding… I’ve been with Dreamhost for about a year after leaving my last hosting company because of an unexplained outage that took more than a week to repair… FOr the same money I’ve got services that I can’t believe. I’ve had everything (questions, tech support, etc) I’ve asked dealt with in a timely fashion by Dreamhost… There current outages be damned - at least they told us what happened and are dealing with the problem… You can’t even get that from the government at this point in time :stuck_out_tongue:

hflash, I’ve been with several other hosts and seen several more. None of them even came close to Dreamhost. The average turnaround time on issues with these other hosts, no matter how big or small, was 72 hours. The other hosts treated me like an idiot even when THEIR documentation was wrong (IF they bothered to provide documentation). And they didn’t offer nearly the control on their web panels or the features Dreamhost does.

I’m a web designer. My job is to design web sites, not administer servers. I haven’t needed to use phone support except once, but the one time I did, they called me in 15 MINUTES. Most times when I email, they contact me back within 2 hours. Once or twice it was overnight, but that is rare.

Maybe the reason you’re getting poor support is because you treat these people like dogs instead of professionals who have the ability to help you. Kind of like when you go to a restaurant…you’re rude to the server, they may spit in your food. However, their support team has been so great I doubt they would even stoop to that level.

As for the downtime…yes, it happened. They’ve still maintained uptime comparable to other hosts. They upgrade to the latest and greatest versions regularly. Bad things happen occasionally to us all. It’s how we deal with those things that defines us. Dreamhost took responsibility, explained what happened, AND TOOK STEPS TO ENSURE IT DOESN’T HAPPEN AGAIN. In my book, that’s what makes them great.

As another poster mentioned…if they suck so bad, go elsewhere. No one is holding a gun to your head.

Look again. There really aren’t lots of bad comments, actually. Just a few, with lots of contradicting replies.

DH is a great hosting company, definitely one of the best if not the best. They are very proficient technically, have great (though not instant) tech support, care a lot about their customers’ hosting experience and constantly strive to make it a good one. But perhaps the most important single trait they possess is their honesty: they won’t BS you when there’s a problem, they’ll just deal with it and fix it ASAP. Another great DreamHost characteristic, which complements their honesty, is their open-mindedness: how many other hosting companies do you know that would allow negative posts about them to forever live on their boards?

If you’ve wanted to be a DH customer for a “VERY very long time”, why wait any longer? If you don’t like the experience, just take advantage of their 91 Day Money Back Guarantee and quit! 3 months should be enough time for you to make up your mind about DH for yourself, no? [color=#0000CC]Here’s a shortcut in case you’d like to go sign up for dreamhosting right now! [color=#FFFFFF]…[/color]: )[/color]

Another option is to just sign up for a WebID. You can get a WebID now and sign up for any hosting plan you like at any time in the future using that same WebID. With a WebID you can log on to this board and better participate in discussions, log in to DreamHost itself and park domains for free, etc. A WebID can give you a bit of a feel for what it’s like to be a DH customer without having a hosting plan and without having to pay anything at all. If you like it, you can sign up for the hosting plan that best fits your needs and budget, and still have that 91 day Money Back Guarantee as a safeguard in case you change your mind. If you don’t like it, then don’t sign up for any plan. It’s no problem! [color=#0000CC]Here’s a shortcut in case you’d like to go get a DreamHost WebID right now! [color=#FFFFFF]…[/color]: )[/color]

Good Luck!