Wow, i can't install drupal

Just tried to install Drupal 7.

Drupal install package is 2.51MB.

If upload via WebFTP (will decompressed after upload) : File is too big, nothing transferred to FTP (unbelievable, 2.51MB is too big, lol)

Then i tried upload via FTP software, upload done but can’t unzip, unzip via WebFTP is imposible :

[quote]Your task was stopped

The task you wanted to perform with net2ftp took more time than the allowed 30 seconds, and therefor that task was stopped.
This time limit guarantees the fair use of the web server for everyone.

Try to split your task in smaller tasks: restrict your selection of files, and omit the biggest files.[/quote]

Ok, please let me know how to do now ?

If you have a shell account enabled, you can SSH in and unzip it like 'unzip’

Or you can set up an hourly cronjob in the panel and delete that cronjob as soon as the file gets unzipped. You’ll get an email notification when the job is done.
cd ~/;/usr/bin/unzip

“cd” changes directory to you “~” slash the folder your zipfile is in. is whatever the name of your file is.