Wow, Dreamhost, Had virtually no complaints until now. (Referral System Flaws)


How are you expecting customers to refer your services when someone like me (who takes care of clients needs for their web sites) , uses my own dedicated server than, after couple years, my customer decides he wants his own dedicated server for performance.

I have him sign for $170 / month dedicated server than we get shafted due to referral blocking any type of moving of my customer’s previous sites (which of course includes DOMAIN). Your referral system sucks. If I had known that DURING the sign up process, at least we would have messaged your sales team member for clarification.

Not only you block transfers of any domain which was used on a different dedicated server, you even block the forwarding domains, ALL the domains in question is purchased through Moniker / Register. YOU DO NOT OWN THE DOMAINS. I can see why you do this, but for long time customer who used your service for 5+ years, it’s been a pretty bad disappointment.

Let my mistake be a warning to everyone who considers signing their clients up to DreamHost servers.



The blocking process you allude to is in place to inhibit gaming the system. It stops people signing up for a heavily discounted first year, closing the account when the cycle is up, and signing up with for another heavily discounted year.

It is possible to receive referral credit and have a previously hosted domain moved over without fuss to the new server. You just have to let them know the whys and wherefores in explanation that what you’re actually doing is legit (as opposed to gaming the system).

I’d reopen a dialogue with Sales… chances are you might get the referral ca$h you were seeking.


Thanks for the reply. I did explain my situation simply at first and, the only reply i get was a copy and paste “Referral / Promotion Rules”, I did reply to that with more detail and explanation of what’s going on, and we’ll see where that goes.


Probably a new guy or something. If it gets bumped up to someone who is aware of the system then you’ll be sorted out pretty quick I reckon. Please keep us other Dreamhosters updated on how you go with it - just so we know we’re up to scratch on what can or can not be done.


Yeah, definitely. This is first time that actually made me want to sign up and ask the discussion forums. I have never had much bad experience after sending them a email, always received back good clear answers, but this time the reply was so bad that i consider it enough. Still no response yet from the team after my last long reply.



Finally got through and the tech/rep who was helping me got the okay from the higher up to move my client’s domains to their new server.



I’m sure you had reasons for having your customer open there own account but the other approach of course was to add another dedicated server to your account so give the customer their own. To me that is a better option, for control and retention, even if I was only able to minimally mark-up the cost of the second dedicated server.


I had the same problem. Hosted a domain for a startup I was working for on my own DreamHost account temporarily. When the time came to move the startup’s domain over to their own (new) DH account, we found that the transfer was blocked. DH support approved the transfer manually once I made clear that I had no intention to close my personal account.

I would have appreciated knowing about this hurdle in advance, but I can’t say that I blame them for making it difficult to (potentially) screw them over.