Would you recommend Dreamhost for my site?

I wanted to learn PHP for various (not very interesting) reasons and so have spent the past few months creating a PHP site for hosting funny videos, images, games and jokes (similar in nature to Break.com). I’m looking to have it hosted so that others can (hopefully) enjoy the fruits of my labour!

The site is quite dynamic and uses PHP extensively (as well as SQL to display the content details and allow users to post comments on the content).

My question really is: should I use Dreamhost to host this site or will it struggle with the load? So far I have about 2GB of content to host and roughly 14 mySQL tables.

I know this really depends on the number of people who visit the site but any advice is greatly appreciated.



As you said, the answer to your question will largely depend on the number of visitors to your site. If you intend to promote the site heavily and expect it to grow rapidly, you may be best advised to look into dedicated hosting from the start, as this will save you the trouble of moving things when you outgrow shared hosting. However, if you aren’t planning on becoming the next YouTube then your site should be OK here at DreamHost.

You can always try DreamHost for the 97 day money back guarantee period (be sure to pay by credit-card) to see if it suits your needs, but this would involve moving your content if it doesn’t work out, which can be a pain.

These requirements won’t be a problem, even on the Level 1 plan, but once again, it all depends on the number of visitors you expect.


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Technically it will work on a Level 1 plan, but I would suspect that your extensive use of PHP and SQL will force you to use a dedicated server, or maybe a VPS. I would not recommend DreamHost for your site.

A lot of it depends on just how popular the site becomes. If no one ever comes to it, or only 100 a day, it’ll be just fine.

But things do have a habit of blowing up…


As everyon as said it will depend on the number of concurrent users, and how well is the script coded. Impossible to say without trying.

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Thanks to everyone for the advice, I’ll give it some thought and maybe have a go at the 97 day trial. In the mean time I think that’s good enough reason to go back and rewrite some of my PHP hacks into effecient code!



Just don’t put that beast on my server! (grin)


Note: If you take advantage of the ‘free’ domain registration during the sign-up process and subsequently seek a refund, the $9.95 domain registration will be subtracted from your refund, but you will still own the domain.

That’s always a good idea, especially if you are considering hosting it on a shared hosting service.


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Always a good approach. Good luck!

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