Would you recommend Dreamhost as a webhost?

Hi. XD I’m just curious to know what customers think about dreamhost? I’m trying to decide whether to buy a domain through dreamhost or another company.

So I’m really interested to know what people think about the service/hosting etc and if you guys would recommend Dreamhost? And anything else :stuck_out_tongue: anyone else has to say about it?

Sorry. I’m just curious… to know if there is any point in moving from my current host? So yeah. ;D and thank you~

whats the other company?

well… I was thinking about siteground.com - although you can only host 5 domains there :confused: or perhaps even going back to old hosts who were pretty reliable but more expensive :confused: (phenominet.com)

DreamHost is relatively inexpensive but it does have downtime occasionally. Unless you are expecting 99.9% uptime, DreamHost should be right for you with the wide range of features and shell access. Since you will be using multiple domains, you might want to take a look at some of the promotional codes which offer free domain registrations.

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Most of the people on this forum are customers, so you’d hope they’d recommend DreamHost, or move on. :slight_smile:

There’s a saying, “good, fast, cheap; pick two.” Usually it applies to project schedules, but it also applies to hosting. I recommend DreamHost for hobby or small business sites. They’re relatively cheap, often fast, and pretty good much of the time. If you can’t, or don’t want to, tolerate an occasional slowness or downtime, http://www.dreamhoststatus.com/, then they might not be for you. Let us know if you can find anybody better for the price. :slight_smile: Also, if relative open-ness and good sense of humor is important, this could be the place http://blog.dreamhost.com/ .

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I almost 1 month at DH, so far the downtime is not so bothering as was stated in DH’s last year blog (lot of downtimes). I have go through some other hosts, and I can say DH’s hosting features is hard to beat with the pricing offered.

What I like most is their own developed web panel, SSH access (very important to me) and of course… the community. :slight_smile:


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We’d look silly for being here if we didn’t. :wink:

Only you can answer that one. If you’re happy with them and the service they provide, then I’d say no, unless you want/need something that DH offers but your current host doesn’t.

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  1. What kind of sites are you hosting? Are they personal? hobby? business?
  2. What service level are you looking for? What would the personal and financial impact be of a one hour outage? How about a 48 hour outage?
  3. What’s your level of technical sophistication? Are you never going to ask for advice or will you need advice or help with installing certain packages? Do you already have a community to which you belong with whom you can discuss technical issues?

Your answers to questions in categories 1 and 2 will give you an indication of how comfortable you should be with shared hosting. Your answer to the questions in category 3 give you some other things you should look for in a host.

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Thanks… this is really helpful!

And it’s nice to see that there is a blog and a status page, ;D to see what exactly is going on.

Since my websites are mainly all personal/hobby I think it should be fine. However, I’m not going to rush in and buy it right now XD Probably good to think about it a bit longer…
Thank you.

I like them a lot. I’ve had one account or another with them for about three years now. I had one host previously that was probably the worst ever, and I’ve had another popularly recommended host (where I had won a free years hosting) that was about as reliable as one could get. The cost didn’t outweigh the difference though, and I’ve never really been tempted to move from Dreamhost since I got here.

Generally speaking, the support is also really helpful. I’ve had to email many times, and even if I don’t understand what they tell me at first, no one seems to be bothered when I send another 4 emails needing additional help or explanations.

I have used numerous hosts in my past and I have ran a couple of hosting companies as well…Throughout the time it was always easier to get a VPS or own my own servers than having shared hosting because most shared providers gave you unusable shell and very VERY limited ability to make changes within your own account.

Dreamhost defies it all. They provide you with a fully functional shell with all compilers. They provide you with almost every bit of functionality you can have minus root.You will be very satisfied, I would recommend DH to ANYONE.

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I kinda got put off it :confused: after looking at webhostingjury.com until… I noticed how low my current webhost is on their list!

I wonder how reliable that site is? ;D and are the email problems (as mentioned in webhostingjury.com) as bad as people said? I.e. email not working and being down a lot?

And someone else claimed that they used 50% of their diskspace and their account was cancelled? they did have mp3’s up though :stuck_out_tongue: and if I’m not mistaken, most hosts aren’t too fond of mp3’s being hosted?

I think I’m going to try out dreamhost :stuck_out_tongue: because all the other sites that have better reviews are too expensive for me or else their plans suck. XD

thanks for all the replies :wink:

You’ll find that if you’re honest, they’ll be honest.

If you can handle a host that tries to stay out of your way (and let you totally mess up on your own), DH is probably just fine for you.

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Hm… do they have any issues with reselling? Or rather using your space to host someone elses business site (that I maintain/update etc)?

I’m just asking because another host has this ridiculous policy that only allows you to host your own sites (i.e. can’t even give a subdomain to a family member… despite having 360gb of space). I can understand them not wanting you to resell, but the fact that they don’t allow you to give friends/family space seems annoying to me. :confused:

You can host someone else’s site - either business or family. The only caveat is that the account holder is held accountable for the behavior and content of any site hosted under that account.

We’ve had several people lament here that their accounts were canceled because they had created an account for a friend who had subsequently violated the Terms of Service - generally for copyright violation.

I would recommend against hosting here if you want to engage in blind reselling. All it would take is one bad egg and your entire account would be canceled.

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Thanks. And I definitely would not blind resell. :slight_smile: So I don’t think that would be an issue.

I bought my domain just a few hours ago :stuck_out_tongue: the 777 promotion was too good to miss! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve hosted many sites here for my clients (where I maintain the ftp/shell access to the sites). Lensman’s comments in his reply are right “on the money”! letting someone else have direct access to your account always has some degree of risk. You are responsible for what they do.

Lensman also gave really good advice:


is there a list anywhere listing things that could get a user banned? i read the terms of service, but compared to some other webhosts it didnt seem to be as detailed…

You might find The DreamHost Abuse Center information to be useful, as well as the Anti-Spam Policy. Those links, along with the TOS give you a pretty good picture. :wink: