Would you rather prefer the current 100 emails/hour or 1000 emails/day limit?


I would label this as a suggestion. And I would personally prefer a day-based limit.


Day based of course, but what is the limit now ? 100/hour ? Per account ? So it should be 2400 a day ?


Yes, I know, but it’s more probable that you send more than 100 emails in a hour than more than 1000 in a day.


only day based if it is more than total we can get now. I use my own scripts to send max 200/hour in php (websites can send 200, smtp is 100).
I’d prefer an automatic scheduler actually, so that we don’t have to do anything at all - emails just queue up and we can check our own queues to make sure spammers are not on our sites without our knowledge (can’t really check that at the moment).

the current method of dumping excess emails is annoying.


Yes it would be great to know exactly how many Emails our websites send every our and every day.

Dreamhost doesn’t propose this service, but do you think that it would be possible to install it on a dedicated server ?



The tool we use to enforce mail quotas is policyd. It’s not straightforward to set up and use, but there’s nothing which would inherently prevent you from installing it on a dedicated server.