Would this constitute unfair use of disk space?

Hello, I have been a DH user for 2+ years and am very satisfied with the service.

Recently I have programmed an application where users can sign in and it automatically syncs their video game save files to the server, and back again when they request it. It’s all done with software and will be accompanied by a friendly website. Each user may use anywhere from 10KB - 10MB of space in which the software automatically uploads and downloads the content. The software is finished but hasn’t been officially released yet.

I just realized that holding files for this software on the server may go against the rules of DH. Any ideas?


  • Jake

I can only give you my personal opinion.

I think it’s a perfectly legitimate use of your website. Little different from a forum that allows you to upload attachments that are then stored in the file system.

Very nice of you to provide such a service to your gaming community by the way. You should seriously consider adding a ‘Donate’ button onto the main website itself.

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You might want to contact the DreamHost abuse department directly with this question, at abuse@dreamhost.com.

In my mind, there are other potential Terms of Service issues here other than the appropriate or acceptable use of disk space, as copyright issues regarding the contents of the “saved game” files could also be an issue.

This is not a clear section of the law at all, and can be greatly impacted by individual games’ EULAs . In short, if might be a can of worms, and I suggest you consider contacting a qualified intellectual/imaginary property attorney for some guidance.

Disclaimer: I’m a geek, not a lawyer, and any legal advice you get on a forum on the internet should be treated as though it is worth exactly what you paid for it!

–DreamHost Tech Support