Would this be too resource intensive?


I own an IPB forum and I’m interested in this mod:


If you don’t want to visit a link, it basically makes a YouTube for my own forum. It would allow users to upload movies which then would be converted into FLV and put on the site.

So I was wondering if such a mod would be too resource intensive, mostly with the file upload and conversion. I’m a bit scared to test it first and I don’t want to get in trouble for it or anything. Also, the mod needs these programs:


Now, IIRC ffmpeg is already installed. But looking at the wiki it seems that the other four need to be installed manually… can you confirm this? I’m sufficient with the UNIX shell and such so I can do the installation myself, but I don’t want to go through the hassle of installing it if it’s already installed.



My general feeling is that such video processing on a shared server is too resource intensive, but that is not to say that, if lightly enough used, you might not can make it work (though you’d likely be in a constant hide and seek game with procwatch!) :wink:

That said, ffmpeg is installed already, but you may need to reinstall your own to have it properly configured for most of the “YouTube” clone stuff I have seen.

The other stuff you listed is not installed, and you will have to do that yourself. Some have succeeded with this, but many can’t seem to do it. You will also most certainly need your own custom PHP install, for a myriad of resource related reasons.

One note, you will need to install autoconf before installing ffmpeg-php - that seems to throw quite a few people trying to do this.