Would merging MySQL servers or changing MySQL database passwords break wordpress

Due to the current ftp issues at DH I decided to clean up my account.

In the MySQL database section of the panel I have a number of WordPress databases and host-names spread across two Dreamhost MySQL servers. There is also a button asking if I want to “Merge all databases and hostnames from server1 to server2”

Would merging MySQL servers or changing MySQL database passwords break my wordpress installations?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t really understand what database merging is about, but if you change the pw of a wp mysql db you just need to update it in the wp-config.php file.

find a row that look like this (usually the 29th):

/** Password del database MySQL */
define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘oldpassword’);

and overwrite oldpassword with the new one.

if the db user name is changed there’s a row for this too.

I honestly don’t know the answer to the OPs question, but I do know what he is talking about.

It’s not something that every customer will see in their panel either. Certain customers (especially ones that have been around awhile). May have databases on more than one datebase server. For those there is a button offering to move older databases to the new server, thus consolidating your databases.

It seems like this process should proceed without creating breakage, but since they didn’t automatically do it, and rely on the user to initiate the change, there must be a reason. If you followed modern standards in your config file tho, breakage should be minimal. I disqualify that however by saying I haven’t done it.

Thanks Luca. The merging server issue is as LakeRat describes below. I have had the account for about 6 years and I guess DH have added new servers to manage MySQL databases, I can’t imagine it will cause any problems so I think I will leave them as they are.