Would it be possible to set up jwchat?

Hi, I want a browser-based jabber client so registered visitors to my site can connect to the jabber server. I’ve found jwchat, and am wondering if I could set up jwchat, or if it could be provided.

Here’s a few more details. I uploaded both jwchat and JabberHTTPBind. The config.js file for jwchat looks like this:

I have a .htaccess file in my jwchat folder with the following:

[quote]AddDefaultCharset UTF-8
Options +MultiViews

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule http-poll/ http://mydomain.com:5280/http-poll/ [P]

The README says:

[quote]You need to have access to a jabber server by way of either [1]HTTP Polling
or [2]HTTP Binding. Either use some server that has support for one of these
protocols biult in (e.g. [3]ejabberd) or use some gateway like [4]punjab
(python based) or [5]JabberHTTPBind (a java servlet).
When I try to connect to my jabber account through jwchat, I get the following error:

[quote]Internal Server Error.
Any ideas?

It looks like this requires server-side features for http-poll or http-bind backend functionality–either Java servlets if you use JabberHTTPBind, or Twisted if you use punjab.

My former host, 1and1.com, provided a chatroom with a webpage interface. I think dreamhost could easily beat that by providing access to a jabber webclient like jwchat, so our site visitors could connect to jabber server that is already provided without having to install and configure a separate client. That’s what I’m looking for. An example is found at http://jwchat.org.