Would have been a new user, but

What do you have to do to get someone in sales to call back? I tried to sign up for the ‘Code Monster’ sale, but it wouldn’t let me.

I’ve gotten no response from the questions that I submitted with the web form. There’s no phone number or any other alternate contact method… Guess I’ll continue looking for a host.

I have found in the past that my sales questions were usually answered within 24 hours. Perhaps you could submit the form again?


I have already posted 3 times through the form in the Contacts page but never got a reply. It seems really weird that with all the fuss and forums and the like that Dreamhost comes up with, it does not answer a general sales question through its own form. I would like to subscribe but do not feel confident anymore. The feature list is impressive and I would like to use most of it in my sites, but if the sales team don’t want to sell its services, what can I do?

I understand your frustrations. I agree that it’s weird that you didn’t get a reply, because it’s my impression that in general, users are very very happy with Dreamhost, including myself. I don’t know why you didn’t get a reply, but it’s a fact all the same.

If you’d still be interested in Dreamhost if one last contact attempt succeeds, then I think you should try that, and be sure to include your e-mail address in the message text. It’s my guess that you won’t be sorry about choosing Dreamhost if you do. At least I can say that it’s the best provider I’ve ever tried, and I’ve no intentions of leaving them.


It is most uncharacteristic of DH to ignore their customers, especially prospective customers. Perhaps the enquiry form script is stuffed.
I agree with TobenGB: DH is the best provider I have ever tried.
All the best,

When I first signed up with DH (2001) support was very good, but just recently I’ve had a very serious problem, caused by a mistake on their part, and support has either neglected to return my calls, or simply gives me the run around. I haven’t been able to get a straight answer for weeks. I was hoping this was just caused by understaffing around the holidays, but if it doesn’t get better soon it’s over to interland for me… I prefer telephone support. :frowning:

The worst thing, is that they don’t give a phone number on the site for you to call and (god forbid) TALK to anyone.

I’m having the same problem! Our company is looking to maybe sign up with Dreamhost, but no one will reply to my inquiries either. I’ve already submitted 2 of them.

It is very frustrating that they do not list a phone number on the site, especially when they are supposedly trying to earn our business. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to get a human if they’ve already got your money!

The only way you can talk on the phone is via callback, you submit a support request, check the callback box, and they call you. You only get just so many callbacks allowed per month depedning on your plan.

They DO call back pretty darn quick and are really very helpful, support always does what they can, and quick. I’d say 9.5 of 10 support requests are handled in a way that satisfies me over the years.

They advertise replies within 24 hours max, and callbacks per month per plan. If you need more than that, go elsewhere.


I think u are lying. I am also about to sign up and I am getting response within 24 hrs. So far in the past 2 days I have sent a total of 3 letters.

Maybe u should upgrade your computer.


[quote]I think u are lying. I am also about to sign up and I am getting
response within 24 hrs. So far in the past 2 days I have sent a
total of 3 letters.


We appreciate the sentiment, but please don’t assume that someone is lying just because they had a different experience than you. There have been times when messages have fallen through the cracks - either due to mistakes on our part or somewhere else - and people don’t receive replies within a decent amount of time.

Overall, though, people should expect to receive some sort of response within 24 hours, and usually significantly less than that. Especially difficult questions may take longer, but even then we usually try to send a message to the user letting them know that we’re looking into it.

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I know many feel that DreamHost is great; on the other hand, we have had trouble with them.

We are a business, and operate as a business and I’m not sure DreamHost is a real business or are prepared to work with real businesses.

  1. We bought a full year of the Code Monster plan a couple of months ago, back when it a $400 plus and they have not bothered to credit our accounted at all.

  2. We purchased the Code Monster primarily because we wanted phone support… just in case we needed it.

  3. Our server has been going down or having problems a lot lately ( a couple of times a week in some cases ).

  4. I sent in a support ticket requesting a return call because of the server problem and the billing thing.

  5. They evidently tried to call us in the evening, again we are a business on EST, and they could not even get through to our office or after hour voicemail because they block their caller id – and we don’t allow caller id blocks into our office… and you shouldn’t either. Read the latest FCC rulings.

  6. I did a little investigation and found out that DreamHost is not even listed in CA as a business, or a business with a business phone number. Also did a reverse lookup, based on their fax… it not list as a business number in CA.

  7. I went to WhoIS and found a phone number with a Dallas Bethune listed. I called that number and it is nothing but VM… even if you opt for the operator or spell name feature. I have left 3 messages for Dallas Bethune… he has not ever called be back.

  8. I responded to an email from someone by the name of John, giving him my cell phone number as well… I have not heard from him either.

So, buyers beware.

I think that for the person who’s just throwing up a bunch of sites… DreamHost is probably fine.

But, if your site is mission critical… your lifeblood – I’m not so sure I would chose them now.

I’m still wait to hear back from someone.

[quote]I know many feel that DreamHost is great; on the other hand, we
have had trouble with them.


While we’re more than happy to provide a place for you to express your concerns and frustrations about our company, please limit it to a single thread. Duplicating the same post between multiple threads isn’t allowed in the forum (even for neutral or “DreamHost favorable” posts).

Anyone who wants to follow up on this or provide their own experiences, you can do so here.

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