Worst Service Acc Pending For Approval from 3 Days

What the Hell type of Service is provided by Dream Host i am waiting for Account Approval from last three days but nothing is happening. Worst Support team i have ever seen no one is here for support. Is here any one who support for dream host??? Account status is still pending

What does your waiting for account approval have to do with “Support”? If your account has not been approved in three days, “support” staff is not likely to be handling your issue at all (the fraud prevention folks are likely reviewing it).

The overwhelming majority of DreamHost account setups are near instantaneous, though others posting here have reported it taking several days for their accounts to be approved and activated, and others have had their requests for accounts declined altogether.

DreamHost has a fairly aggressive fraud prevention posture, and there are many things that can cause your request for a new account to be “flagged” for further review or personal attention. While DreamHost has not revealed exactly what kinds of things trigger the fraud prevention mechanisms, anecdotal evidence from other posters to these forums indicates that any inconsistent information provided at signup time will create some degree of problem with account creation.

Things like addresses being false, contact info not matching payment info, IP address not appearing to be consistent with the country of origin for the applicant, transactions from certain parts of the world, etc. are only some of the things can can create a delay in approving an account.

At any rate, ranting about your sign-up problem(s) here is almost as pointless as it is inappropriate - these are customer to customer forums and, while DreamHost staff occasional stops by to look around, they rarely post here and this is not a way to get support from DreamHost.

You should send a support request via the Control Panel, or via the contact form if you want attention from DreamHost.

Of course, if I was reviewing your account application and had any doubts at all about whether I wanted you for a customer, your post here would make my decision a lot easier to make.

Your whole attitude, before you are even a customer, is so unpleasant and aggressive that it would be pretty easy for me to decide that you are likely to be a much bigger pain in the ass than I want to deal with for the little I am charging for an account.

If you are serious about wanting an account, I’d suggest you just chill out, contact support, and determine the cause of the delay/problem before coming here and throwing a fit because you have had to wait for approval, but that’s just my opinion and YMMV. :wink:


What i have to do with your Fraud investigation department. You said that you will activate my account in 24 hours (1 Business day) Just suspend you Fraud Investigation team they are not doing their work properly they are taking more then 3 days on single account. I want my account i had paid for it. I had given you my C Card Number you deducted my $$$ now what are you waiting for ?? you contact team is not responding? that’s y i am posting on Forum.

This is not a support forum - we are all customers just like yourself here. If you need support from DreamHost, you need to create a ticket as rlparker instructed you. We can do NOTHING to help you on these forums.

Further, the fraud detection system is to protect DreamHost, not you. If 3 days is too long for you, then you might consider finding a host elsewhere that provides instant support (though probably a lot more expensive).

Chips N Cheese - Custom PHP installs and the like!

As Mousee pointed out, again, you are not talking to DreamHost when you post here - you are only talking to other customers, and we can’t do anything for you, or help you in any way, in this circumstance.

… other than to encourage you to communicate with DreamHost to try to solve your problem.

Good Luck!


Just to remind you: I am another customer just like rlparker and Mousee. (Well, unfortunately, I’m not exactly like them but we do all have this mole on our…)

What exactly did you read that gave you the impression that your account would be activated within 24 hours? I’m pretty sure that when I signed up, I think it said something about most accounts being activated quickly but that it sometimes took longer…

If it’s any comfort, my account was set up within hours (I recall that it was 30 minutes, but I could be wrong). As rlparker has said, if you’re outside the U.S., it’s been well known that fraud detection will take longer. Even if you’re inside the U.S., there’s the whole thing about your credit card billing address, etc.

Anyway, I know none of this actually makes the activation process take any less time, but I do hope understanding that you’re not being singled out for neglect makes you feel a little better.

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