Worst Junk Mail is at Dreamhost - Beware


Thanks for noticing that ottodv, and sorry Gene Steinberg.

To be completely honest, I don’t know how that happaned. I used the automatic quoting facilities of this forum and it seems there was some kind of glitch.


You are the only one who has insulted anyone.

Please show me where DH recommends the 4 setting you mention. And then look at where it is, look at how hard it is to get to, and put yourself in the shoes of an average user and ask yourself if that genuinely represents a proper solution.


I didn’t insult you, whereas you came along with the remark about a mediocre radio host. I simply pointed out that you were wrong in your conclusions, and that you didn’t even understand that SquirrelMail is a Webmail app, not a junk mail service.

As to DH’s recommendation, since 4 is the default setting, you must have seen it already, or maybe you never accessed the Anti-spam settings in the control panel. If you did, you’d see most everything is pretty straightforward. If you didn’t understand what the settings meant, you could have checked here:


There are areas where DH documentation needs some work. This isn’t one of those areas.

As far as I’m concerned, the only insults here are your insults to our intelligence. It’s time to drop this nonsense.


I have to agree with the Opening Poster’s comment, in terms of the DreamHost SPAM filtering. I can’t say its the worst, but it is the worst I personally have experienced. Its clunky and very very difficult to use compared with other hosting services. We are also finding rules that we have applied don’t work.

For example we applied this rule:

Then, delete emails that match all of the following:
Contains goldsilver.com in the from

We are still receiving SPAM from goldsilver.com