Worst hosting company I have ever worked with

Turned off our service with one day notice citing a script that was consuming too much CPU which had been running fine for 6 months.
Asked them to turn it back on.
3 days later finally turned the DNS back on
However they removed all our files so the service still doesn’t work
Customer service responds in days and it is now 5 days since our service was down and we still don’t have a resolution


Fortunately, I don’t get those problems so far. How many hosting company you ever had before ? And why you switched to DH ?


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Yeah, it sucks when a script runs amok on a shared server :frowning: . Good Luck, I hope you get it sorted sooner rather than later.

Do you have a question, or need any help, or just expressing your frustration?


  1. Have you verified that it was a well-behaving script that wasn’t using too much CPU?
  2. Did you recently experience an uptick in popularity that triggered the extra CPU? I mean after all, an inefficient script that is only called once a day is very different from an inefficient script that is called once a second.
  3. Did you write the script yourself or is it part of a package? If the latter, what script is it?

[quote]Asked them to turn it back on.
3 days later finally turned the DNS back on
However they removed all our files so the service still doesn’t work[/quote]
Did you tell them that you were going to rework the scripts to play nice on shared hosting? If you just intend to turn on a script that support feels has a deleterious effect on your shared server, they’re unlikely to just leave you in a position to do so easily.

Being down is an awful situation and I feel for you. Are you looking for advice on how to:

  1. improve your working relationship with DreamHost support?
  2. optimize the script in question or find an alternative?
  3. determine if DreamHost support was correct in their assessment of the impact of your script?
  4. proactively monitor your resource utilization to prevent this from happening again?

BTW, I know I’ll get slammed for this, but if this script was having a bad effect on the server, then shutting it down until it can be fixed is just the right thing to do to help those folks like da1prophet over in over in this thread in the General Troubleshooting forum. Was this script getting hit a lot between 10am EDT and 3pm EDT? It’s a long shot!

Anyway, I do feel for you in this situation and hope it works out. Let us know if you need any advice on how to proceed or with debugging and optimization, etc.

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Well if your service gets popular then would be concerned.

I have been using hosting services since 1992 when there were about 4.

They were recommended by a consultant we were working with

Yeah but I doubt that is the case It is more likely the site got popular. We would have been happy to move to another server or a dedicated server but we were given a DAY and then they shut it off!

Can’t verify what isn’t runnin. Ran for 6 months just fine. Could be getting more traffic, but would have been thrilled to pay or a upgrade had we been given the choice

I would love to know how to get someone on the phone. We could probably resolve this in 10 min. No one answers the phone as far as we can tell

Another consideration is security. Check your access logs, if it was a brute force attack or bot then that should clear your site as the cause of the problem. A lot of the malicious spiders and other bots are poorly developed, if it gets stuck on something it can easily end up in a loop. It doesn’t clear your account but should remove any concern about restoring your files.

If your site supports user uploads, posting scripts, or in some cases images, then check the raw logs. DH should give you access to the backup to download for local testing, rip it apart and figure out what happened.

I can’t think of anything else, beyond the suggestions above.


That’s horrible! They should have just let it go, so the hundreds of other users on the server could be here posting threads like this!

Talk about an odd coincidence… they don’t offer phone support and you can’t get support on the phone.

If your account comes with call-backs, you could request one of those. Otherwise, it’s ticket-only.

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They didn’t say it was impacting anyone else nor did they provide documentation as to how much CPU.

As I said we would have fixed or paid for it to be moved to another server had we gotten the chance!

No you can’t get anyone on the phone even someone to get us a better server.

Yeah the ticket system works great we are now on day 5.

Given how helpful everyone else has been on these boards I am surprised by your attiude and approach. Do you work for DH?

If it’s hogging the CPU, then it IS affecting other users. That’s why it’s called shared hosting.

And you think that seems to clash with their no phone support policy?

I guess I must if I don’t say exactly what you want to hear, right?

(Free Clue: No, I don’t work there.)

You get to use the same ticket system as everyone else, unless you upgrade your plan through the panel to one that includes call-backs. Saying you want to chat on the phone doesn’t change anything.

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They didn’t say it was impacting anyone else nor did they provide documentation as to how much CPU.[/quote]
How about? http://wiki.dreamhost.com/CPU_Reduction

You had a chance… your site is offline, but your logs are live… you can analize them to see what was happening… also if the cpu log was active, you will know what was eating the cpu… I think we need to read some of the wiki and forum threads that talks extensive about cpu usage.

Well in the comparison table when you sign up is stated that there is no phone support… so you got what you pay.

If you provide same info as here in the forum Im not surprised not having answers on five days…

Given how helpful everyone else has been on these boards I am surprised by your attiude and approach. Do you work for DH?[/quote]
No, but I get surprised every week with people that signs up, expecting using things like vbulleting or other some intensive cpu script on a 9USD shared hosting… that offers no phone support…

And the ticket system really works, but one need to provide as much information as possible… DH in fact provides no support for 3rd party script, provides hosting… so all these info you’re asking to DH, you must know on beforehand!


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What did your script actually do?

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Again no proof and no data was provided this is just what they claimed. BTW there are lots of technologies for throttling CPU usage in a shared VM environment is there some reason you don’t use them?

No I think it clashes with an emergency situation where someone’s business has been impacted and quick phone call would have yielded new business for you guys, but clearly that isn’t of interest

No you must because your attitude and lack of respect for your customers is clearly common at DH. Just yesterday we got another email where the tech tried to claim that DH didn’t take us out of DNS they just shut off the offending service. Of course we have records that show otherwise.

We finally got someone who could help and we paid the $69 to spin up a brand new service which is what they told us to do. Of course that was yesterday and we are still waiting a response back on moving over to that service. I should also note we offered the solution of moving us to another service so we could troubleshoot on Tues the day they said they were going to turn it off and recieved (big surprise) no reply

You should consider the fact that a customer must be pretty desperate for help to reach out to the discussion boards in hopes someone from the company sees this and makes it a priority. Of course to recieve snide and rude comments like yours just reinforces my point the worst hosting company I have ever worked with, by far and lest you think I have no experience in this area I was part of The Little Garden the first ISP in San Francisco.

What chance did we have? We got notification one day before they turned it off.

We said we will do whatever makes sense and we filed several tickets and only yesterday got someone who said here is what we can do to resolve the situation. Had someone said “all we can do is move it to a dedicated machine” we would have said okay! Lets see that is 5 minuts of phone support for a $395 sale.

We would have been happy to pay for phone support and just yesterday I paid for an entirely new service just to get this resolved. Payment isn’t the issue we just need the opportunity to do so.

As I said before the script was running fun for 6 months

DreamHost doesn’t offer phone support - you should have been fully aware of this when you signed up. Failure to do proper research in your hosting company beforehand is not your hosting company’s fault - it’s yours. Don’t bother to mention phone support ever again in this discussion thread, you’re only disproving your other points further by doing so.

To me it sounds like you need to use a completely different hosting provider if you feel that phone support will get things resolved sooner. I suggest, instead of continuing to pay for a service that doesn’t offer what you want, put some research into a company that does offer it and go with them. Your complaining here about no phone service and DreamHost’s answering your request, only tells me you’re an extremely impatient individual who’d be better off with a different service that caters to such needs specifically.

Chips N Cheese - Custom PHP installs and the like!

Hey, it’s important to realize that the responses here aren’t from DreamHost support, but just from other customers.

I’m glad things seem to be working out better for you - and I’m glad that your site itself has gotten more popular and hope that you’ve been able to monetize its popularity (though that’s obviously not the only benefit to popularity).

Actually, the solution you seem to be converging towards does point to a possible DreamHost suggestion: “Flag your account for auto-upgrade to dedicated hosting if excess CPU utilization is noticed”. Here’s an unlinked url for suggestions in the panel.

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They’re the boss. Don’t like it, start your own hosting company and show them how it’s done.

Maybe because we’re customers–not Dreamhost? This is a customer forum.

Again, does it clash with a crystal clear “NO PHONE SUPPORT” policy? That’s three simple words–which one is throwing you off? Let me guess… the short one in the beginning?

Your business isn’t important. If it was, its existence wouldn’t rely 100% on a single shared hosting account. That’s common sense.

New business for me? Really? Wow, I didn’t know you were going to start sending me money, based on Dreamhost’s phone policy. Wow!

So if a Dreamhost tech get frustrated dealing with an idiot, then anyone on the planet that doesn’t like idiots is automatically a DH employee? So THAT’S how they got to be such a huge company!

Or you could consider the fact that communicating with them more clearly through the proper support channels would have gotten you further, faster. Or maybe the thousands of us other customers just totally luck out? Yeah, that must be it.

Unlike DH staff, we aren’t getting paid to deal with idiots. If you want to say stupid stuff and not get called out for it, then stick with private support tickets. I guess “PUBLIC FORUM” is almost as complicated as “NO PHONE SUPPORT,” so I can see why you’re so confused.

And if you really think they’re the worst company in the world, then doesn’t staying here and upgrading to an even more expensive plan kinda make you a brain-dead imbecile?

As what, a janitor? All that means to me is that they appear to hire people that can barely read. Did you really think a previous job position had magical powers to remove stupidity from everything you say?

George Bush’s job is a little more important than yours was. So, using your logic, every single thing he has ever said has been brilliant. Right? How about Al Gore? Another genius? I guess he really did invent the internet, considering he’s had important jobs before!

I can’t wait to see how brilliant your next post is. I wonder if you’ll mention phone support again, which has nothing to do with anything here. The suspense is killing me!!! :slight_smile:

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I think it’s important to note that though you can’t call them, you can get them to call you:

This is the main reason I’d considering upgrading to a Level 3 account. Hmm. I wonder if they’d consider making it a promo-codable extra (not that I could take advantage of it ofr myself)? I bet people would consider it pretty valuable!

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Nice now we are to calling people stupid and saying my business “isn’t important” take note anyone who is considering DH this is the attitude even some customers have, wow.

On hosting it on a shared server we didn’t have any idea how popular it would be now we know and we would have been willing to move it to a dedicated server to support it.

Sorry if there is some confusion I understand they don’t offer phone support as a part of our package. I do have a problem with a situation where the ticket system has clearly failed i.e. we are now on day 6 and so it seems some way to talk to someone in emergency situations would be a big benefit. We did finally get a ticket yesterday where they spelled out here is what you need to do to resolve this. Why that couldn’t have happened on Tues is beyond me.

I am paying for the service because I thought the quickest thing to do would be to move to a new service at DH. Clearly I was wrong.

TLG w as co-op I didn’t work there it was only meant to point out I have some experience in this area which involved building and hosting sites on small and large ISPs. You claiming this is an attempt to make what I say sound brilliant is ridiculous.

Anyway I am sure you will get your wish those who want reasonable turn around on their tickets and helpful answers to their questions will go elsewhere.