Worries about recent DDoS attack

i haven’t seen and can’t find any commentary on whether i should be concerned about the DDoS attack yesterday. any chance my info was compromised?

highly unlikely.

let’s define DDoS… Distributed Denial of Service attack. A massive botnet that sends massive numbers of requests/packets designed to clog up the network and servers… In this case the goal is not to break into anything it’s to bring down the site, or in this case a provider of many many sites. It’s more to reek havoc and create work and stress for the admin. It’s not a spying or stealing sort of attack.

Usually done to make a statement. I don’t know whether you’ve noticed but dreamhost has been in the news lately for denying to hand over to the US Justice Dept and the Trump Admin visitors log to a particular website. Dreamhost took the correct path and refused to provide the visitor logs, that went to hearing last week. While annoying this is most likely someone protesting Dreamhost’s position on something, what doesn’t make sense since dreamhost took the correct position and fought and won for privacy of the masses.

I host about 5 sites now on Dreamhost and am not too worried about info being compromised.

I HAVE noticed that ssh has been brutally slow since the attack, maybe they put extra protocols in place to filter out DDOS IP’s, but it takes me about 30 seconds to open a session now which is unworkable for my workflow. I imagine ftp is the same, I dont use it.

Dreamhost has got it rough, they managed to piss off both the far-left hacktivists by briefly allowing white supremacist websites, and ironically they went way out of their way to PROTECT those same far-lefties by denying the DOJ requests.

I think their free-spirited nature is awesome but I hope it doesn’t cost me my favorite hosting company.

What I am more worried is that we didn’t even receive a SORRY message !

Whatever happened is not my problem, our websites have been down for a long time and they should AT LEAST say sorry to all of us !

I’m so sorry that a group of self-elected internet vigilantes has created such a problem to so many people. We apologize for this issue. The problems were created because a group of … [vigilantes, can’t think of another way to call them] decided not to wait for DreamHost to evaluate a new customer for violation of its Terms of Service and launched a massive DDoS attack against all of DreamHost this morning.

We were ultimately able to declaw that attack, but the end result was that most of our customers experienced intermittent connectivity issues to their sites. Services have been fully restored across DreamHost.

Customer’s data was not the target of this attack. If you have any doubt that your site was violated, please open a ticket on https://dreamhost.com/support