WORRIED re:support - no response in 4 days!

I am not usually one to flame a provider or act impulsively on forums, but after being a DH client for close to 3 years and having a series of large-scale issues pop up within the past month and receiving VERY poor support, it is making me wonder how many others are having the similar problem. We are currently running a VPS costing around $100/month, and to be honest is running slower than before we “upgraded” to the VPS. Anyway, that is not what the point of this post is so I will move on.

Our real problem here is that we have a high-profile client that sent an email using MS Outlook (with a PDF attachment) to a sizable email list (I’m guessing around 100-200 people). This email has been re-sent to their recipients over 125 times for some strange reason!!! Somehow the email is stuck in our DH email queue and keeps on being resent over and over to every single one of their recipients. We have done initial support making sure Outlook is not causing the problem and have verified that is not the case. Of course our client is furious and is kicking and screaming to have things fixed because this makes them look really bad. We posted a support ticket with DH 4 days ago and still not a single response. This is strange but also EXTREMELY unprofessional.

We run a small consulting company and do our very best to be courteous with both our clients and DH support. At this point we are wondering if DH is having some large server failure or had some internal restructuring of their staff that is causing support to disappear??? If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on what we can do I would greatly appreciate it. We have had success with DH for quite a while now and really don’t want to go through the effort to move all of our clients to another host if this can be resolved… but 4 days and no response is just ridiculous! Especially if we are paying $100+/month for the VPS.


rlparker pointed out that Support is very busy due to the influx of new customers signing up with the new promotion.

However, if you hear zip after 24 hours and it’s a “People are dying!” request, then resubmit the ticket. Heck, this even warrants a message to abuse@dreamhost.com since this may cause the mail server to get blacklisted.


Yeah well after 4.5 days they finally responded that they figured out the problem (it was on THEIR end) and fixed it. Unfortunately this does nothing to improve the poor reputation we now have due to the bad service our client has had to deal with this entire time. It is very SAD to see support dwindle like this all in the efforts to handle NEW customers. I would think support would be top priority because word will get out eventually. I just hope they re-prioritize things in the future.