Worms/Trojan Horses

Hi - when I was uploading and downloading (backing up) files from my Dreamhost account with MS Frontpage for ftp (not using extensions) - I had a whole bunch of alerts that these Trojan Horses were trying to get in.

I have Norton System Works 2005 with the Internet Worm detection as well as the latest virus signatures. I finally changed over to Filezilla - and it is happening also. I changed the ports allowed because they seemed to be coming through anything above 1900. Now they are trying to come through the lower ones.

I do a complete virus check at least once daily and have never had a virus (been on the internet since 1996). I run Ad Aware by Lava Soft. I keep everything up to date for protection. I delete cookies, etc. I am a tad compulsive about all this if you can tell. Oh and we have a firewall on our router as well as WindowsXP firewall.

My husband says I won’t have these problems if I switch over to Linux - but I am just not ready for that yet. Just thought I’d put that out there.

So this is a rather new experience. I am concerned as to why this is happening and what I should be doing about it. Norton’s so far is blocking these attacks. Will this be affecting my website? Does this affect Dreamhost? I did not have this problem when uploading to my XO account - but it has been awhile since I have and even longer since I uploaded so much at a time. I have intended to switch over to DreamHost completely at some point. I have been working with files with the php extension - not sure if that makes a difference.

If I have the lingo messed up here - sorry - but hope it all makes sense. These regular attacks are making me a bit nervous at this point.

Thanks in Advance.

Feathered Wonders

when you access your website, and view one of these files that says it has a trojan or a worm in it does your computer warn you then?

I’m wondering if by chance this is just some kind of a glitch and re-installing your anti-visus software would fix it.

As far as Linux, if you’re talking about the server you’re allready on linux. And if you’re talking about your personal computer that statement is only partly true. Linux is believed to have fewer security holes then windows, though becuase windows holds onto thier source code quite tightly a true comparsion can’t quite be made. Also, for the time being Linux is less popular on the general consumer front so there are less people writing virsus that will effect it.