We have the worm.sober virus!

I have a catch-all e-mail so I can’t get the dreamhost junk filter.

Over the last week my business has received probably 1800 junk e-mails. Our virus scanner is picking them up and deleting the attachments but the e-mails keep coming!

I’ve had the entire company run the symantec worm.sober fix and yet they still come.

Any suggestion would be great!


You can use the Razor filter. That’s under “filters and spam” not “junk filter”. You can even set the filters to strip attachments and change messages to plain text.

It’s a smart filter that learns, and you can still get at the filtered messages to check to make sure “good” emails are not being killed. There’s a method to train the Bayesian filter, too.

Thank you so much for your help!!!

I will try it and see how we go :slight_smile: