World IPV6 Day - June 6, 2012


Today is IPV6 Day.
In honor of that I’ve done the following:
[list=a][]Updated my Tomato USB (Toastman Build) ASUS RT-N16 router to use IPV6.
]Made sure my cable modem also uses IPV6. It does.
[]Checked out that my system works by going here:
It’s all working.
]Created IPV6 addresses for all appropriate web sites that didn’t have one yet.
[]Then I went to this page:
and tested my sites for IPV6 readiness.
I got the okay on that as well.
]Next I added IPVFox addon to Mozilla so I could validate whether or not my sites are actually using IPV6 addresses to get to me. All I get for my sites are burgundy 4’s - not green 6’s.[/list]
Others sites like youtube, google and facebook all have nice green 6’s on their address bars. Mine do not. I know it’s not a propagation thing because the has had its IPV6 address since the first World IPV6 Day last year. So…
What’s the deal here?
Why isn’t my IPV6 address from Dreamhost resolving on my browser like any other well-behaved IPV6 address?


Have you flushed your local DNS cache?


[quote=“LakeRat, post:2, topic:57768”]
Have you flushed your local DNS cache?
[/quote]LakeRat, that’s done the trick. I’ve learned something new today. Thank you.


Hmmm… Apparently it’s only a temporary fix. It’s back on fours after rebooting windows 7 this morning.


Does flushing the DNS cache again resolve it? I don’t know the answer here, just suggesting what I would try next. I don’t know as much about Win7 under the hood as I did about win XP.