Working with Dream Weaver and Dream Host


I am a new dream host client formerly with Lycos. Have been online since the early 80’s and put up my own site in the late 90’s. I am not a geek but adequate for what I need right now.

I am using Dream Weaver and am finding that Dream Host file map is different. I have not needed a separate file with extension .net within in my local site and this seems to be causing problems with Dream Weaver preview among other things.

When I click any route to “preview” I get the system trying to go to dream host not my local temp files as usual. Then my “connection is refused” even though I test fine.

Has anyone worked with Dream Weaver and DreamHost and have general advice and specific to my current question regarding temp/preview and file maps in general?

Thanks, np

Try the Web Design or 3rd Party sub-forums, also search for dreamweaver and see what you find.


This chart lists the plans.

Not sure if you’ve gotten your problem figured out by now or not…

I heavn’t worked with DW (Dream Weaver) for a bit personally, but have a client with DH using it. I transfered their hosting over from earthlink, and DW kept workign all along.

It is my speculation that inadvertantly a setting withing your DW install that is creating your problem. I would sigguest carefully going over the connection properties and such to see if you can find something that you click or set differently than before.

As far as your mention of “I have not needed a separate file with extension .net” I’m not quite sure what you are talking about. If you’re refering to or other .net coding that won’t work here on a linux server - that’s microsoft only fun.


It sounds like you need to go back in Dreamweaver and reconfigure your site (Site > Edit Site).

Unless you’re running a PHP/MySQL site and you’ve installed those on your own local computer, it should be pretty straight foreward.

Specify the Name of your Site. -> Select “No, I do not want to use a server technology.” -> “Edit local copies on my machine, then upload when ready.” -> Specify where you are saving your local files. -> Specify how you want to connect to your server. (I use Filezilla for most of them).

When you create your site, you need to make sure that all file and image placements locations are relative to the site root rather than the document. That way you don’t need to worry about any differences between your home computer and your Dreamhost server. As long as you transer all your images and files into the folder with your domain name on it in your account you should be fine.

As for previewing, as long as you’ve got everything set up like this, you should be able to go to File > Preview in Browser (or F12).