Working on a parked site

Is it possible to work on a site while it’s parked offline? How? I just launched a new blog, but don’t want it out there for the world to run into until it’s all put together. Kind of a moron here… LOL.

Not sure if there is a way to do that. What I sometimes do is just password protect a site I am working on until it’s ready for public consumption.

Is that easy to do?

Just go into the panel under Goodies and select “Htaccess/WebDAV” – that will walk you through it.

Another option that might work, assuming the blog probably uses index.php, would be to create a blank index.html file in the directory, which would get called before the PHP file.

If during testing, any “home” links point to “/”, rather than “/index.php”, that will take you to the .html file–so just manually type in index.php to see the blog’s index.

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That’s a helpful pointer but, I am a beginner and still have questions. I went to Htaccess/WebDAV, and it was no walk in the park. I’ll do more research and take another crack at it when I’m more familiar. Meanwhile, anything you can kick down sure helps (as much as I don’t know, virtually anything is a learning opportunity for me). Thanks for your help so far.