Working on a 2nd Wordpress theme

I would like to work on a new Wordpress theme for my currently hosted domain without disrupting the existing one until I have finished the new one.
Can I just add a sub domain and work on it there and then move it or is there a better way to accomplish this.


Subdomain using the SAME user on the server is how I would do it. That way file copy/move/rename can be used from the shell to migrate. Also makes it easy to make a copy of the files on the production domain.

For dev sub domains I often restrict access to my IP using .htaccess

It should be noted, that while I would use the same user on the server for this case (prod site / dev site) I would always use different users for multiple sites.

I often do this in localhost using a WAMP or LAMP server. is Mac and PC, and works nicely too. Plus it lets you trasfer everything up to your real server.