Working in iWeb has worked fine elsewhere but not w/ DreamHost

I am a newbie and a total WYSIWYG working with iWeb. I have built and published three websites to date that are hosted with Network Solutions and they are pretty much WYSIWYG. They look nice in iWeb and they look nice on the web itself, pretty much exact match. The site I built having chosen DreamHost (via ThinkHost for its environmental commitment) is a total mess via the DreamHost server. Spacing, placement, kerning, crunched lines, awkward ugly spacing. I have to place graphics in the middle of paragraphs so they’ll end up in the space that I had left for them. DreamHost tells me that there’s nothing they or I can do. I’ve shown them screenshots aplenty to show how the other sites translate perfectly from iWeb to the web but that this DreamHosted one does not. And so they sent to you kind folks whoever you are. Any thoughts??? Thanks.

You’re doing something wrong. I highly doubt Dreamhost has some sort of stylesheet they’re forcing on people.

It’s not the server that is the problemas all the server does is get the code that iWeb outputs and sends it to the visitor.

It will display differently depending on what browser the visitor is using.

Thank you but I don’t understand because it works fine on the three other sites I’ve done in iWeb. The Network Solutions-hosted sites look great on Macs and PCs. This one, done the same way, is a mess on both my MAC and a neighboring PC.

Any thoughts?


I use iWeb on a site ( and it’s fine. If you post the URL, we can take a look and see what the issue may be.

Thanks. The only think I can think of is that I copied and pasted the text into the iWeb page and maybe there’s some ugly formatting under there. In the other ones, I believe that I composed and input the text organically as I designed the site. So, that may be part of the problem or the only one. If I reinput the text from scratch, it may work out. The site is Thanks.

I don’t see any major issues with that site. The only problems I see are your “What is chiropractic/homeopathic” images displaying a little low, obscuring the following paragraph.