Workaround for DH ban on catch-all forwarders

I posted a workaround for DH’s ban. It was to replace e.g.

catch-all -> AOL


catch-all -> , -> AOL.

Well, thogh DH originally said that was fine by them, they later wrote saying it was not, and

[quote]we’re obviously not going to allow any user workarounds that negate
the effect of the new policy change.


Eh, confused or what. Well, the good news it that this was wrong too. They have now generaously accepted the following workaround for me:

catch-all -> , -> AOL.

and I get the impression they would for you too.

This has been a Public Service Announcement. :wink:

PS here = RedCondor, but if anyone can suggest al alternative that does not suffer 30min delay upon “IP suspicion”, please do tell me! Thanks.