WORK - looking for a php/mysql guru

software development


Hi, i’m looking to hire a php/mysql guru for a very simple rss parsing site.

I originally paid some East Indians $100, a while ago, to do it but they dropped the ball half way and I didn’t even get my money back.

i just need the backend done with simple front end which i’ll design later.

I’m not much of a programmer but from looking at the backend it’s obvious they copied some other site or template without even trying to cover the old tracks. I mean I don’t mind code copying, that’s what most good/efficient programmers do, but when it interferes with the new stuff, it’s not good. Just so many headaches!

i’ve got a low buget, so i f you can help me out and make a couple easy bucks please send me a pm with some sample portfolio / experience.

I look forward to all your responses.

Thank you.