Work in the background


Hello. I have about 5 different users setup on my website. I was just wondering if there was a way i could, for example, be in a “parked” status yet i am able to be working in the background updating and viewing updated files on one of my user accounts. To further explain, when users go to my url, they see the blue dreamhost parked sign. but in the background unseen to the public, i can be uploading files to my user account “jack” and be viewing the effects of my updated files. Thanks.


I think the easiest way would be if you just leave the index file alone, with no links then they won’t see what you’re doing ‘behind the sceans’. so a user goes to and gest the parked sign, that has no links to anywhere on it, and meanwhile you’ve got a lot of files and stuff going on.

Your ownindex file would be somehting like new_index. or whatever and then wehne you’re ready to go live, just delete the parked page, and rename your file to index.



I still dont get it. My user jack does not currently have an index file. When that user is switched in and people go to my url, all they see is a bunch of files listed. If i am parked then FTP in under my user Jack, changes i make cannot be seen by anyone (me included). Thats what i was trying to get around.


I’m not sure I understand you…

but if you want your content to show up when you go to your webiste, you have to make a file called index.htm That page will then automatically be loaded up when someone goes to your domain - the same way the parked page is loaded. now you can create links on the index page to the other pages you want people to be able to see.

So get rid of the parked thing, stick your files under the directory when you FTP in, and then when you go to it will load up the index page - your content.

FYI, you can only use the user name that is associated with your domain to upload files to the main area of your website. If you’ve set up additional FTP users, they get their own direcotry that is not web accessable. So Jack has access to the domain, and can upload files, but Jim that you created later can’t put files up for the domain - he has his own folder.

Does the help clear things up, or I am off track?



Still off track but i am sure its my fault. I understand and know everything you just described. I intentionally left out the index file for my user jack. I’ll put it in when i am ready to go live. I really dont know how else to explain what i am trying to do. let me try again. Park the site but still have the ability to work with username jack in the background, loading files and seeing what they would look like.


when you say “parked” are you switching your domain’s status in the panel between fully hosted and parked?

I think that makes sense with what you are describing. If that’s the case, then switch your domain to fully hosted, that’s the way it will have to be for you to upload files and be able to see them. You’ll obviously have to wait a bit for the changes to take effect, but then you should be good to go.

Now, as far as what your guests see while youre working on your layout and all is up to you. You can just create a index file that says “under construction” and put that in your web accessable area, and the visitors will see that instead of the list of files. There won’t be links on your index file so they won’t know about any of your other sutff. In the mean time you can be working in the “backgroud” and you’ll just view you rupdates by typing in the direct URL in your browser.

It will take search engines a while to crawl your site, so you don’t need to worry about people finding links and seeing your stuff for a couple weeks.

Alternativly you could set up a .htaccess for the domain so that you have to have a user name and password to access any of your site content, but then anyone trying to see your site will simply be greeted by a user name/password prompt, and nothing else. you can set up the htaccess in Panel > goodies > Htaccess.



Thats it!! Thanks!! I cant believe i never thought of that. Like you suggested, i put a dummy index.html file up and i am now working in the background. Thanks again.