When will the one-click install feature WordPress2.0? It says “latest version” but 1.5 is not the latest version anymore…

I would like to know too.

It would be nice if the version number appeared on the One-Click install page. Only way to know now is to install and check the version number.

I think the one click install is pulling from their SVN so it should be the latest official version released.

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WordPress 2.0 is now available via One-Click installation.

Does anyone know how we go about upgrading to 2.0 if we used one click install to install a previous version?

Detailed upgrade instructions can be found at:


I haven’t done it yet, but it looks pretty straight-forward.

  • Eric

I just wanted to add - I have gone through the upgrade process as described on the WordPress site to upgrade a WP1.5 blog to WP2.0; it worked flawlessly. Granted, it was a brand new site with almost no content yet, but still… :slight_smile:

  • Eric

Worked flawlessly for me as well, and mine isn’t a brand-new site.

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