A question about wordpress. Does it require for some special configure on the server or does it install like any other script?[hr]
Oh I found that you have wordpress in one click installs.
So if I install it from there will it not break anything on my existing site?


If you install it to a directory or folder that is unused (i.e. “blog” or “wordpress”) on your site it shouldn’t cause a problem with your existing site. Depending on the configuration of your existing site you should probably avoid installing the the domains root folder. For better answers please specify the domain name so that we can look. Everyone here is a customer just like you, so we can’t look up what your site is.


http://rubilon.com/ - I still not finished modifying arcade script on it so it looks distorted. But then if I change script to “wordpress” + “myarcadeplugin”, then I will not need current script.


If you want to use WP as your primary script you should install it into the domain root (rubilon.com directory). This is easy, even with only FTP access. Just rename the current directory to rubilon.old, create another rubilon.com directory, and install WP into the domain. You’ll still have your already uploaded files in the .old directory on the server and can move the ones you want to keep into your site once you have WP set up (saves re-uploading). Once you have everyhting running correctly, delete the .old directory to free up space.


Thanks, that’s pretty clear )