Wow… glad that I am not the only one who seems to be new and clueless to this environment.

We got our website up and running at fourtwelve.net . It is a simple landing page, and it is not our main content site.

However, we are looking at possibly building a new main content site, and have been advised to check into WordPress. I know very little about this program, but my main questions are these…

  1. Is WordPress an easy program to learn, and will it be an easy system to build a nice website in the future?
  2. If we go to with WordPress, is this program supposed to be loaded in our www.fourtwelvemusic.net folder?
  3. Will loading WordPress disrupt our landing page that is already live?

If anyone has some answers for these questions, that would be huge! I would appreciate any comments or suggestions on what to “watch out” for in moving forward with WordPress’s abilities.

  1. It’s easy to be an end user (publisher) in WordPress. But you would probably want a web developer to help out building the site for you.

  2. Yes

  3. Yes, my suggestion is to install WordPress to a subdomain like wordpress.fourtwelvemusic.net while developing and testing, and then point your main domain to that directory when ready to launch.


to answer your question.

  1. Yes wordpress is an easy site program to learn and it is great for building nich websites as I have build several. Please not that there is a free hosted version of Wordpress ( Wordpress.com ) and a paid for hosted version ( wordpress.org - 12 bucks a month hosting average on any hosting service ). You will want the second choice, wordpress.org. If you happen to do well like your planning i hope, you will want your site to be in your ownership. sites on word are free hosting but you wont own the site.

  2. if you decide on using wordpress you will have to create a templet of your existing site and import the templet into wordpress. Or use one of wordpresses free templets ( about 100 of them to choose ).

  3. your quetion "Will loading WordPress disrupt our landing page that is already live?"
    You cant run what you already have and wordpress together. you can create a templet of what you see and import it into wordpess. That would be the hard way, I suggest to look up wordpress free templetes and see what you like.

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