I have installed Wordpress (3 times, now), using custom install. When I get the email to activate it, I click on the links and get an ‘Oops, this link appears to be broken’ error.

Totally clueless as to what I am doing wrong - or what I am doing period…

Is that error your default browser error, or does it look like it’s coming from WordPress?

Without any other information, I’d guess that your domain isn’t publicly visible yet. Is this a brand new domain here? Before attempting to set up WordPress, if you went to your domain, did you get the default DreamHost Parked domain page?

If you don’t mind posting the URL, that would help narrow down the problem.

It was a browser error. The domain was registered elsewhere. I finally figured out that I had to go to the site where it’s registered and change the DNS… Now it’s working. Oh - and I had to wait awhile for it to work. It didn’t work immediately, thus I posted my question. Now, 4 hours later I just tried it and it’s working.
Thanks for your response.