Has anyone else been having troubling issues using Wordpress on Dreamhost? It seems to be somewhat of a recurring problem for me lately.

What issues?

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

From what I know they should be pretty much compatible. So yeah, it would help if you gave some details.

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Are you using caching plugins? These are usually help. Currently, I’m using W3 Total Cache (link)

As far as issues go, it can be a number of things:

  • your theme coding
  • your database
  • plugins that may or may not be compatible with the version of Wordpress you are using
  • plugins that may or may not be compatible with other plugins that you use.

As far as Dreamhost and Wordpress go, there is no such thing as “compatability” issues. Dreamhost is a php CMS that communicates and stores data on a MYSQL database.

More information on your problem would be helpful as, as I mentioned earlier, it could be a number of things that are causing you problems.

Wait, we’re a what?!!

Virtually all of our internal code (probably over 99%) is Perl. Definitely not PHP!

I need 2 set up wordpess through a webhost…
i know i have to download wordpress but whats a good host to go with? and after i set up an account with a host, how difficult is the set up before I can begin building a site? and last but not least, can i still import the free wordpress templates?

Hmmm…a good host? I know this one. DreamHost.

You don’t have to download WordPress here. It’s already available as a one-click install. Use the Advanced mode so you can add your own templates. This method is super easy, so you’ll have a live site within a day of setting up your account here.

Okay, the one click worked, but the home page is still the “coming soon” page. How do I change/redirect that to the wordpress site?

Maybe it’s still in your browser cache: