Is it possible to have more than one instance of wordpress on my site?

My daughter may like a blog of her own.

Thanks again in advance.


Sure! You can have as many as you want! I suggest that you use separate domains or subdomains for this though (it will be a lot simpler to manage!)

Your daughter could have her own domain or a subdomain like daughter.yourdomain.tld or anythingnotyettaken@dreamhosters.com for no additional cost to you.

If she gets her own domain you will, however, have a registration fee for the domain that will have to be paid. :wink:



He meant to say anythingnotyettaken.dreamhosters.com (use a dot instead of @) for the subdomain.

Now might be the time to think about getting her her own domain (hannamontanaiswaycool.com :smiley: ). It’s only $10/yr and you can keep it in your name, then transfer it to her later.



Just a couple of thoughts…

Depending on how old your daughter is, you can set up a separate user for her to post content. You could have the “admin” user to “administer” the look and layout of the site and manage plugins and other technical matters. If you really want, you could even set it up so you can have editorial capabilities and review her posts before they’re published!

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Yikes! Yes he did mean the “dot” instead of the “@”!

Thanks, Scott! :slight_smile:



Thanks for the advice guys, but I’m not sure it’s worth paying for a domain name for it as she’s not really that keen on blogging, it was just a way of me giving her some space on the site for her to play about with.


Well, at least there’s the free dreamhosters subdomain idea - or a subdomain of your domain, though that might have a rather odd name. :slight_smile:

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