WordPress & WP-FLV

I’m new DreamHost customer, so far great service.

I converted avi -> flv with DreamHost tools (DreamHost AVI/MPG/MPEG/MOV-AVI Robot!). I got email that says:


Note: If you’re embedding your video in a WordPress blog, and have the
"WP-FLV" plugin installed (new WordPress blogs installed from our
panel do!) it’s super-easy!

First, go to “Users” > “Your Profile” and be sure that
"Use the visual rich editor when writing" is UNchecked.

Then, when you’re writing a post you’ll now see a “FLV” button…"


I used One-Click-Install service and installed WordPress. I unchecked “Use the visual rich editor when writing” and start to write new post. There is no “FLV” button, why?

Not sure… but you can easily add them with the tag:
<flv href=http://www.linktoyourfile.com/whatever.flv"/>

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I know that, but I love to use quicktag buttons. Lazy me. You run WordPress 2.1 and see FLV button?

I’ve noticed that too. Try putting in a blank tag, and the press Save and Continue Editing. When it reloads, the FLV button will be there and you can use it. (Or at least that is the trick that has worked for me.)

I use the plugin Vipers Video Quicktags, it has the FLV button

Actually, you don’t even need a blank tag. Just hit the “Save and Continue Editing” button and the FLV button will pop up.