Wordpress / WP-FLV Help

I have WP installed via one-click and see the WP-FLV plugin is active. However I think I goofed it and wanted to verify something.

URL to SWF Player = https://media.dreamhost.com/mediaplayer.swf

I’m guessing that is right. I was trying to install my own player and gave up so put that back but can’t remember if it is correct.

The 2nd thing is, when I’m editing a post and in rich text editor, I have a button called ‘embed video’ which looks like a little film strip. When I click on it it defaults to Flash but has other options as well. When I enter the url to the video it puts the ‘box’ in there that looks like it will be the video, but no video ever loads.

The url I enter is correct as far as I can tell. Any suggestions?


From memory, the FLV player isn’t installed. Just a helper to make it easier to use that Plugin. You still need to go to Longtailvideo and get the JW FLV Media Player. I’ve not tried this, but that’s just my impression.


It sounds like the link isn’t working and that’s why your videos do not load.

I’d recommend using the plugin default configuration.

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The page for that particular WP plugin says that the plugin will no longer work with the current version of JW Player. But that is the correct URL to the player. I just tested it and it still works. Forget about that video embed button, “it don’t work.” Just use one of these example tags in your content (HTML mode) to put in a video using DHs installed JWplayer:

Thanks for sharing…

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