WordPress won't send password reset link

I had a WordPress one-click install. It worked for two other sites I have. I clicked the link in my email from my Happy Robot Installer Success Robot and the password was no good. I hadn’t gotten to the email til the next day. So I do the forgot password thing, put in my email, am told they will send a link to my email. Nothing shows up in Inbox, Junk, or Spam. I did it repeatedly. All same result. How can I delete my WordPress for that site and one-click again, which would make it two-click but I don’t mind. If I can’t get into WordPress because of no password, do they have my site forever? What if I just un-host it?

I do need to get the site up and running, or I’m wasting my money on the domain. With 24/7 support unavailable most of the day and none at night, I’m spinning wheels here.

Thank you,

In these cases it’s possible that something is going wrong and the email is not being sent. The quickest way to diagnose this is to open a support ticket.

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