WordPress won't install

Hi –

I’m new to creating a website, but I think I’ve done everything right to get WordPress installed through one-click (advanced version, because I’m working for a picky person who’s going to want an obscure theme).

The problem is that I haven’t gotten the “next step” email and there are no WordPress files at mysql, even though it’s been at least an hour since I tried to install it.

Can somebody help me?



Does it show up in the Panel under Remove/Modify One-Click (Advanced)? If not, then try again.


Thanks for responding.

In the Main Menu where there are all the options for working with the site, under One-Click Installs it says:

Automatically installs software on your site!

Is that where it should say “Remove/Modify”?

[color=#00CC00]Goodies > One-Click Installs >[/color] [color=#0000CC]Upgrade or remove previously installed software - Advanced mode[/color]

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Thanks, Scott & sXi. For some reason it didn’t install the first time and all I had to do was try again.

Now, of course, I’m having other problems, but I’m going to have to leave that for another time.