Wordpress welcome page issues

I am migrating a wordpress site from GoDaddy to DreamHost. The welcome.php page that seemed to work fine in GD is having issues in DH.

WordPress application works fine. All links and functionality (posting, search, etc) working. You can access it here: http://www.appropriateit.org/index.php

There is a page outside of the WordPress themes setup to act as the splash home page: http://www.appropriateit.org/welcome.php

This page is the troublemaker - it either draws a blank or displays an error. I narrowed the issue to the require(’./wp-blog-header.php’); in the welcome.php file. Here are some of the things that has been tried:

  1. Setting it to require(‘wp-blog-header.php’); results in a blank page.
  2. Setting it to require(’…/wp-blog-header.php’); results in an error that you can see now. Have tried different path permutations from ./, …/…/, /home/appropriateit/appropriateit.org/, etc. None works.
  3. Tried moving welcome.php to different directories - wp-content, themes, themes/site theme. Nothing helped.

Now I am stuck. Please help. Any suggestions or pointers would be much, much appreciated.


Are you sure that ./wp-blog-header.php isn’t correct and that the problem doesn’t lie in the rest of the welcome.php page?

After all, wp-blog-header just reads in some required functions, classes, and variables.

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This issue has been resolve.

This may have been an issue with the way virtual directories are setup within DH. I do not know for sure, but after having struggled with it for all day today, I had to give up at some point.

I used another method to do the splash home page from within WP. It is still a separate php file, but lives within the theme folder. That fixed our issue for us.

Thank DreamNinja.

This may have been resolved but I’ll post this alternative just in case someone finds it useful.

The best thing I can suggest is rather than going outwith the theme for the page is to actually use the theme.

First of all you can give individual pages a different template to the default template for pages. To do this move/copy welcome.php in to the theme folder, at the top of welcome.php put the following:

<?php /* Template Name: welcome */ ?>

If you then go to edit/create a page in the control panel there will be an option to choose a template and you can choose welcome. This will get that page to use welcome.php instead of the default page.php in the theme folder.
This allows you to set up as many individual page templates as you wish.

Then just choose the page you have created as the front page in options > reading.

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